Diana Komjati, Art Director

I've been employed professionally as an art director and graphic designer since graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh over 30 years ago. I have worked in the creative departments of impressive brands such as Kay Jewelers, Macy’s and Malone Advertising (Geometry Global).

As a freelance designer, I've worked with small businesses, major corporations and advertising agencies on a myriad of projects both large and small since 2001. Recently I made the decision to follow my passion, and am now focusing exclusively on brand identity design for small service businesses.


I've Designed for these Brands



“I believe Diana has given Healthcare Innovative Solutions, the ‘big company image’, which has helped us grow to a company with annual projected sales of over 2.5 million dollars.”

–Lorn E. Mahoney, Vice President, Healthcare Innovatiove Solutions


“Both the President of Tharo Systems, Inc., Mr. Thomas M. Thatcher, and myself have been very pleased with her work for Tharo. We highly recommend her services.”

–Christina Benko, Vice President, Tharo Systems Inc.


“My team and I turn to Diana for a variety of projects and she always delivers with a rare combination of creativity and precision.”

–Sue Grabowski, President, Grabowski & Co.


“Diana is a wonderful person and a very talented designer. I’ve enjoyed working with her and appreciate her passion, attention to detail and always gracious approach. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a pleasant, creative and prosperous working relationship.”

–Christopher Auman, President, Sanctuary Marketing Group


“Her design skills were excellent and innovative. Diana is very personable and easy to work with, a pleasure to know.”

–Margie Bucki, Director, Zales


"We're a nonprofit organization and had been discussing a website for years. We just couldn't afford $12,000 for what we envisioned. Diana convinced us to start out small with just the basics. She gave us the professional online presence that we needed and provided us a way to sell memberships and receive applications online. No more paper checks and snail mail forms!"

–Charlie Robinette, President, The Robinett Family Association, Inc.


“Diana’s attention to detail is impeccable and the creative juices are always flowing. Personable and a joy to work with, she is efficient and asks the right questions to get a project completed on time. She has no problem jumping in to a project with a great attitude and flexibility.”

–Andrea Young, Brand Cheerleader & Wordsmith