What Your Business Card Really Says About You.


The business card is often one of the first impressions a prospect has about you and your business. Shouldn’t it be amazing and not simply an afterthought to your website?

When someone hands me a business card at a networking event the first thing I notice, before I even look at it, is how it feels. I instinctively judge it’s quality by the paper, is it thick or thin? Textured, matte or glossy? Are the letters embossed or debossed? 

Then I quickly look at the card and critique the quality of the design and printing. Is there a professionally created logo? Is it crisp and high res or blurry and bitmapped? Colors, are they modern or outdated? Is the type legible or teeny-tiny? Are they trying to save money by using Gmail instead of a professional email address that matches their website URL?

In five seconds or less I judge an entire business, good or bad, right or wrong, by this little 3.5 x 2 inch business card. Certainly it deserves more respect, just as all parts and pieces of a brand does, no matter how small or insignificant. From the telephone greeting to the holiday cards mailed each year, all must work together to reflect the brand message consistently.  

Not everyone will be looking at your business card through the trained eyes of a graphic design professional. However, your prospects, tactile beings that they are, will intuitively pick up on my points about quality and decide whether to trust you with their business — or not.

Have an amazing day,