I’m Focusing Exclusively On Brand Identity Design!

This is an exciting time for me! After 18 years as a freelance designer creating everything from brand identities to newspaper ads to direct mail promotions, I’ve changed my business model. I’m now focusing exclusively on brand identity design for small businesses and professional services — something that has been my passion for a long time.

Recently I've been working like a mad woman creating a major rebrand for my own business identity. (Can it really be considered work if you're enjoying every minute of it?) This has included learning to design beautiful websites in Squarespace. Many years ago, I remember saying “Oh I don’t need to learn how to create websites, I’ll only work in print.” That eventually returned to bite me. Thankfully, I’m now able to create a complete brand identity package for my clients in both print and web. 

Here's a bit of advice if you’re starting a new business, from one small business owner to another. Don’t be confused and misled by all the hype telling you to buy a website here and a logo there. When a hodge-podge of different design elements are purchased individually, they usually don’t communicate well together. Especially if there's not a creative strategy in place for the designers to follow. Trust me, this will cost you money down the road. 

The very first step in building a brand for your new business, before buying a logo, business cards, or website, is to have a creative strategy in place. This strategy will help you and your designers to understand who your audience is, and what makes you and your product or service special. It will determine the all important brand message, and ultimately, the future success of your business.

May you have the best day ever,