Why am I telling you this?

Dear Reader,

When I was eighteen, I left my parents rural home in Ohio to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and pursue my dream of becoming a rich and famous fashion illustrator...

After graduation it took moving back home and several months of searching before landing my first job as a fashion illustrator. I was hired to work in the advertising department at the headquarters of a major Cleveland, Ohio retailer and paid a nickel above minimum wage... 

So much for the rich and famous part of my youthful dream! 

The early and mid 80s found me employed as a graphic designer or “layout artist” designing newspaper ads in the advertising departments of some well-known Ohio retailers. At that time layouts were still drawn by hand and type was carefully “spec’d” by the designer for the typesetter and production department to follow.

By 1988 I was living in Charlotte, NC and designing direct mail and catalogs for yet another popular retailer. Fortunately for me, Apple had what I was told was an “experimental computer lab” at the local community college. I took classes in my free time, learning Mac Basics, PageMaker and QuarkXpress.

I also began to do some freelance for local ad agencies and bought my first Mac in December 1990. It was a Macintosh LC. I purchased QuarkXpress at the same time, a good decision because PageMaker eventually fell out of favor in the industry.

So why am I telling you this? I’ve been a graphic designer before, during and after the computer, worked full-time in large advertising departments and freelanced for businesses and ad agencies. My firsthand experiences, observations and personal opinions are truly unique and often controversial. 

My blog may provoke you or it could completely change the way you look at things. Either way, I hope that it inspires new ideas and generates many meaningful discussions.

Warm regards,