Your small service business doesn’t need all the fancy creative services that an ad agency provides, so why pay for them? Here’s your chance to buy only what you need to get started right away, and without breaking the bank. 


Brand Spanking New™ Strategy

Increase the visibility and profits of your business by thinking and behaving differently than competitors. This is a 1.5 to 2 hour interview with Diana Komjati to uncover and explore the hidden strengths and unique qualities of your small service business, looking for the one angle or "hook" that will differentiate your brand from everyone else’s. Interview can be in person, telephone or via Zoom. 

You will receive a 2 to 3 page report that will help define the core ideas behind your brand identity and connect them in a Brand Spanking New and powerful way to your service and offerings. Designed to shake-up your entire business, from social media to traditional and online marketing—you will never look at your business the same way again.  



Brand Spanking
New™ Identity

Put your Brand Spanking New Strategy to work. Logo, business cards, 4-page website, copy, images and a 1- to 2-day session of working together.


Brand Spanking New™ Identity +

Same as Brand Spanking New Identity but for clients who need additional web pages and collateral. Includes a 2- to 3-day session of working together.


Brand Spanking Super Star

Hire Diana for consulting! Have your very own Brand Spanking Super Star just a phone call away for 6 months to provide feedback and advice whenever needed.


*$450 Brand Spanking New Strategy fee applies.