Make an easy $100 for yourself — and another for a friend!

Do you have a friend who is starting a small service business or needs help rebranding an existing one? If you are familiar with my work and think that we would be a good match, why not send them my way? You could make an easy $100 just by referring them!

I love referrals — referrals have become one of my most important sources of new business. Accountants, attorneys, authors, doctors, interior designers, IT consultants, real estate agents and software designers are all potential clients.

To participate in my Refer A Friend Program and possibly make an easy $100 for both you AND your friend, make sure your friend tells me that you sent them, or send me their contact information below. You can refer as many friends as you like!



1. Your friend must purchase a Brand Spanking New™ Identity Package. $100 will be applied to their final invoice.

2. You will be sent a $100 VISA e-Gift Card when work begins from your referral.



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